Fennel Plant … 17 Amazing Health Benefits and Unique Therapeutic Property

Fennel is a winter plant. It is a herbaceous aromatic plant, up to two meters high. Its stems are characterized by parallel grooves, while its leaves are thin and thread-like, like dill. This plant features yellow flowers that appear in clusters at the end of the stem. Fennel is a family of vegetables like celery, and all its edible parts, seeds, bulbs, stems and leaves, are edible. 

Fennel Plant

Fennel plant benefits

The origin of fennel goes back to the countries of the Mediterranean basin, such as Greece and Italy. But due to its many properties, it has become popular in many countries of the world such as America, India and Russia, where it is recommended to consume it daily at a maximum rate of 5 grams, for a period of up to 40 days to benefit from its therapeutic properties.

Fennel nutritional value

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) national nutrition information, the vitamins and minerals in one serving of fennel seeds (about 87 grams) meet your daily requirement as follows:

Calcium , 42.64% of the daily body need.

Iron, 0.64%. of the body's daily need.

Magnesium, 14.84% of the daily body need.

Phosphorus, 43.54% of the daily body need.

Potassium , 10% of the daily body need.

Sodium, 45.22% of the daily body need.

Zinc, 2.51% of the daily body need.

Copper, 0.23% of the daily body requirement.

Manganese, 0.18% of the daily body requirement.

Selenium 0.61% of the daily body need.

Vitamin A , 117 units.

Folate, 2% of the daily body requirement.

While an average onion contains:

72 calories.

3 grams of protein.

17 grams of carbohydrates.

7 grams of dietary fiber, which is actually 28% of each person's daily requirement. Most people suffer from a lack of fiber in the body, so if you add fennel onions to your food basket and meals, you can thus provide the fiber that your body needs.

970 mg of potassium, which provides 27% of the body's daily needs. Where potassium helps lower blood pressure and maintain the balance of fluid levels in the body.

28 mg of vitamin C , which is equivalent to half of the body's daily needs for this vitamin. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant. Fennel onions also contain other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B6 , vitamin K and folic acid .

Noting that fennel contains a small amount of fat and does not contain cholesterol at all.

Benefits of fennel for general health

Fennel plant has many therapeutic properties thanks to its richness in vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body, the most prominent of which are:

1 – Fennel is essential for bone health:

Fennel plant contains a high percentage of calcium, in addition to magnesium , phosphorus and vitamin K , which works to promote bone health.

2- Promotes healthy skin:

Fennel plant
fennel herb benefits

Fennel contains high amounts of vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties and is beneficial for collagen synthesis , which helps maintain skin elasticity and delays its aging.

3- Prevention of cancerous diseases:

Fennel contains anti-inflammatory anethole , which has anti-cancer properties, especially breast cancer . Fennel reduces the inflammatory and gene-modifying molecule NF-kappa B. The fiber in fennel also prevents colon cancer.

 4 - Fennel plant helps in the treatment of constipation:

Fennel acts as a laxative, due to its high fiber content that helps cleanse the intestines, strengthens its motility and supports its function.

5- Boosting the health of the immune system:

Fennel plant

Fennel contains vitamin C and scavenges free radicals, which helps boost the immune system.

6- Antibacterial properties of the mouth:

Fennel has antibacterial properties, which helps in eliminating bad breath , by killing the bacteria on the tongue that cause this odor.

7- Fennel helps remove unwanted hair:

Fennel is very suitable for removing unwanted hair. Just grind fennel seeds and then mix it with some kind of vegetable oil (such as olive oil or almond oil) and apply it on your face as a mask. This mask brightens the skin, gives it freshness, and helps get rid of excess hair.

8- Properties of the fennel plant for weight loss:

Fennel plant

fennel medicinal uses

Fennel helps in losing weight thanks to its richness in fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety, in addition to the fact that the fiber does not contain calories.

9 – Relieves menopausal symptoms:

Research has shown that fennel contains estrogen (female hormone) in its composition, which is a type of phytoestrogen , which plays an important role in relieving the annoying symptoms of menopause.

10- It lowers high blood pressure:

Fennel can reduce high blood pressure and inflammation, due to its high potassium content and low sodium content , as potassium reverses the effect of sodium and fights high blood pressure. 

11- Digestive properties of fennel:

The fiber in fennel treats digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and also helps in pulling out toxic substances sticking to the walls of the large intestine and carrying them with them to be excreted out of the body. These toxins are a possible cause of colon cancer. Fennel is also beneficial for those suffering from GERD , as it relieves the acidity of the stomach as it works to adjust the pH of the body.

12 – Anti-pain properties:

A study conducted in 2003 on 125 infants demonstrated the effects of fennel seed oil in relieving pain. The results showed that the pain of colic and gas in infants treated with fennel seed oil was 65% less than the pain of the other group.

13 - Reduce the risk of heart disease:

Fennel contains both fiber and potassium, so it is a very powerful substance for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases , as it regulates cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. It also contains heart-protecting vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin C.

14- Prevention of anemia:

Fennel contains iron and histidine , which is a type of amino acid, and these two elements are effective in treating anemia . Where iron is the main substance of hemoglobin, while histidine helps in the production of hemoglobin and helps form other blood components.

15 – Improve brain function:

Fennel plant

fennel root benefits

Potassium is abundant in onions and fennel seeds. Therefore, fennel consumption can improve electrical conduction in the brain, which increases brain performance and cognitive abilities. Fennel also acts as a good vasodilator, allowing more oxygen to reach the brain, thus keeping the nerves of the brain active and in good condition.

16- Treatment of diarrhea:

Fennel is useful in treating diarrhea caused by bacterial infections, because some of its compounds, such as cineole and anetol, have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Also, some of the amino acids present in fennel, such as histidine, are beneficial for digestion and the proper functioning of the digestive system and thus can treat diarrhea caused by indigestion.

17 – Treatment of respiratory disorders:

Fennel is effective in treating respiratory disorders such as congestion, bronchitis , and coughing, as it contains substances such as cineole (eucalyptol) and anetol, as these substances help eliminate phlegm and toxins that accumulate in the throat and nasal passages.

Other healthy properties of fennel

Fennel has an effective effect in increasing milk in lactating women.

Aperitif and tonic.

It removes flatulence and helps in getting rid of stomach gases .


Fennel seed oil eliminates intestinal worms.

Relieves nausea.

Relieves asthma, cough and shortness of breath.

Reducing joint pain , by applying fennel oil to the area of ​​pain.

Fennel promotes the growth of girls, due to its richness in female hormones.

Fennel root contains coumarin , which is a blood-thinning substance, so the fennel plant is useful for people who suffer from hardening of the arteries or blocked veins, by eating a decoction of fennel roots.

Fennel strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, relaxes the body and strengthens memory.

Drinking fennel tea can strengthen sperm in men.

Many countries use this fragrant plant to make natural cosmetics.

The miraculous property of fennel

One of the most miraculous properties of fennel is its effectiveness in improving vision. As eating fennel in meals protects the eye from infections and disorders related to age and aging of the eye. Fennel is also very useful in treating inflammation of the eyelids and treating night blindness.

Macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in the world. The macula is a part of the retina that is sensitive to light and is needed by the eye for precise tasks. The exact cause of this type of damage is not fully known, but it is said that antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties, along with vitamin C and zinc, can improve vision and slow the progression of this disease.

Ways to consume fennel

Fennel plant

fennel bulb benefits

The method of consuming fennel depends on the purpose of its use. It is recommended to drink fennel tea twice a day if you want to lose weight. You can also use fennel juice to lose weight by drinking a cup of its infusion after each meal.

If a woman is using it for ovulation, it should be used in the morning.

To improve digestive issues, drink a cup of fennel juice after every meal.

To enhance memory and brain function, drink two cups of fennel tea in the morning and evening.

For hair beauty and getting rid of scalp oil, wash your hair with fennel tea.

You can use different parts of the fennel plant as a spice, in its raw form.

The sweet and crunchy onion of this plant can be easily added to all kinds of foods and enjoyed with its delicious taste.

If you want to benefit from the properties of fennel seeds for you as a woman, you can either chew them on their own or use them as a spice in foods. Additionally, if you are interested in herbal teas, fennel tea is also a good way to consume these seeds.

Abdominal massage with fennel oil prevents digestive problems. It is also effective in preventing tetanus and improving skin lines resulting from caesarean section and serious wounds. Topical application of fennel oil can prevent sunburn and is effective in removing excess hair.

One last tip

Like all other medicinal plants, it is recommended to consume fennel in moderate amounts and avoid excessive intake, in order to prevent any possible side effects.


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