Guasha Stone: How to Use it, Important Information You Need to Know

 Recently, the guasha stone massage technique has spread very widely on social media, as everyone talks about its benefits in preserving the youth and vitality of the skin, and although it is a new trend in the world of beauty and skin care, this technique originally dates back hundreds of years. BC as it was used in ancient Chinese medicine.

What is guasha stone?

Guasha is a natural technique that involves massaging the face or other areas of the body using a special stone called a guasha stone, and a guasha stone is a smooth and soft stone on the skin that is often made of rose quartz stone. Her youth and vitality, and this technique can be used at home as part of a daily skin care routine, or you can book a guasha stone massage session with a specialist.

What are the benefits of guasha stone?

The benefits of facial massage with guasha stone come from the fact that scraping the face with a hard and smooth surface helps stimulate blood circulation in the targeted areas, and in particular it stimulates blood circulation in the micro vessels present in the superficial tissues , in addition to reducing inflammation and swelling in the face. Guasha stone has the following:

1- It stimulates collagen production

Although there is no proven scientific evidence, the experiences of people using guasha stone indicate that using this technique stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. You can notice the vitality and freshness of the skin shortly after using guasha, and you can also notice the delayed appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2- Face sculpting

When massaging the face with this stone in the right way, this process helps in sculpting the facial muscles and relieving puffiness, so the jaw or chin area is massaged, as well as the cheeks, to tighten the muscles in these areas, which helps in obtaining a taut appearance and a sculpted face.

3- Reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

Massaging the area under the eyes with guasha stone helps relieve puffiness and get rid of dark circles , due to the fact that this technique stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, which makes the target area more fresh and vibrant and contributes to its lightening.

Guasha is often used to temporarily get rid of dark circles, but with consistent daily massage, you can enjoy these results for as long as possible.

4 - Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Also, massaging areas prone to the appearance of cellulite , such as the thighs and buttocks, with a guasha stone helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Despite the lack of sufficient scientific evidence, the way guasha works and the experiences of many women make this technique a solution that is recommended to be tried to avoid the annoying appearance of cellulite.

Important tips before you start using the guasha stone

Guasha stone

If you want to try guasha for the first time, here are the most important tips recommended by skin experts, which should never be neglected. Wrong use can cause undesirable adverse results, such as skin sagging, redness, etc. Here are these tips:

1 - Learn the correct way to use the guasha stone before you start using it

Either by booking an appointment with a specialist or by relying on the videos that specialists publish on the Internet, learn very well how to massage the face using this stone, pay attention to the directions that must be followed, and the intensity of pressure that must be applied, to get the results you desire.

2- Do not massage without applying oil or serum to the skin

Before starting a facial massage, the skin should be cleaned well using a cleanser suitable for your skin type, then apply a moisturizer and then a skin-friendly oil or a moisturizing serum, to ensure that the stone slides smoothly over the skin without hurting or pulling it in the wrong way.

3- Do not refrigerate the stone before using it

Some people put massage tools in the refrigerator to cool them before use, as some believe that applying cold tools to the skin enhances their benefits and helps tighten the skin, which is wrong, as ancient Chinese medicine in which guasha was discovered for the first time mentions that cold tools restrict the movement of the cycle. blood flow rather than stimulating it, thus limiting the efficacy of the guasha.

How to use guasha stone

Here is the step-by-step guasha stone facial massage method:

  • Start by choosing the right stone: There are many types in the market that you can choose from. Many companies specializing in skin care products have introduced their own stones and massage tools, but rose quartz remains the best option if available.
  • After cleansing your skin with the appropriate cleanser, make sure to moisturize it very well.
  • Apply a facial oil or a moisturizing serum, and never neglect this step, as it is a prerequisite for being able to pass the stone smoothly on the skin.
  • Pass the stone in light and even strokes without pulling hard on the skin, but in moderation, and make the direction of passing the stone from bottom to top.
  • Draw the curves of your face, the cheekbones, jawbones, and chin, as if you were sculpting them.
  • Don't forget the under-eye area, and slide the stone from the inside out.
  • Finally, do not neglect your neck, apply the oil to your neck and then pass the stone with the curves of the neck, from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top.

How often should guasha be used?

Skin experts recommend using guasha at least three times a week, in order to maintain your results, while it can also be used on a daily basis as part of your skincare routine.

What are the most appropriate times for a guasha facial massage?

The face can be massaged with a guasha stone in the morning after waking up, which is the most common method, or the face can be massaged in the evening before bedtime and after applying the evening skin care routine. Beauty experts also advise massaging the face with guasha before applying makeup as a kind of preparation of the skin for makeup and to highlight its beauty and enhance its luster.

When should I avoid using guasha?

There are some cases in which guasha facial massage is contraindicated, including:

  • Sunburn.
  • A rash or skin allergy.
  • It is also forbidden to use guasha for people who suffer from blood clotting problems.

What are the possible side effects of using guasha?

In general, the correct use of the guasha stone is completely safe and does not cause any side effects, but it is possible to notice a slight redness in the skin after completing the massage, as this redness will disappear after a few minutes. It may lead to visible bruising.


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