Mistakes in the Kitchen Spoil Food

 Some of the mistakes that happen while you are cooking in the kitchen can cause the prepared foods to spoil and lose their taste and flavor with the loss and waste of time, and sometimes these mistakes that we make in the kitchen may be life-threatening, so it is always good to be careful.

In our article, we will learn about the most common mistakes that occur in the kitchen, and how careful and careful are you in the kitchen?

Mistakes in the kitchen

Common mistakes in the kitchen spoil food

If you are interested in cooking then be sure to consider our cooking tips and tricks because the main goal of any chef is surely to please everyone who will eat his food after he himself is satisfied with the results of his cooking.

Aside from the great tips needed to improve the results there are things you should always keep in mind when cooking, because some cooking mistakes can end up ruining the entire meal which is every chef's biggest nightmare.

In this article, I collected for you several mistakes that happen to you and other women while cooking food or using kitchen utensils, which lead to ruining the recipe and wasting your time because the result that you reach during that does not satisfy you.

Come and learn about these mistakes in order to avoid them in the next times:

Do not neglect the quantities required for the ingredients of each recipe


This error often occurs when we cook according to instructions from the cookbook. Here, you must adhere to the quantities and method of preparation so as not to spoil the recipe and make an error in preparing the food.

Do not ignore food preparation instructions

One of the common cooking mistakes is not reading the recipe more than once because it is better to read the recipe correctly before doing any work, and then prepare all the supplies and equipment that you need.

Prepare the ingredients

The more professional you are at cooking the better you can do different things at the same time, so it's best to make sure you have all the ingredients before getting ready to cook.

That is, it is better, for example, to do the washing of the things that must be washed before starting to cook than to wash the vegetables and clean the cooking utensils, because in this way all your focus will be on adhering to the recipe and timing to obtain delicious food.

Use a slow knife

slow knife

Never use a slow knife as a sharp knife will make it easier and faster in the end.

In addition, a slow knife causes some foods to fall apart.

Using the wrong dishes

Mistakes in the Kitchen

You have to cook food in dishes depending on the type of recipe. Trying to cook in the wrong pots causes either the food in the pot to be too much or it becomes too little inside the large pot.

For example, if you want to fry vegetables, you should use a suitable container in terms of size and height, depending on the size of the amount of vegetables and the amount of oil that you use.

Always use the right utensil of the right size. For example, if you are going to stir ingredients in a bowl of food, you must choose the right spatula for stirring. You need a large flat plate as well as a large knife.

In general, there are many conditions in cooking that require great tools because the better tools you have, the faster and less messy your work will progress.

Boil the pasta often

Mistakes in the Kitchen

When you put the pasta in boiling water to boil it before preparing your recipe, be careful not to boil it too much, because when you cook or add new ingredients to continue cooking, the pasta disappears and loses its consistency and appearance.

Use a pasta boiling pot

If you use a small pot to boil the noodles, they won't cook and they won't boil right, but they'll just stick together.

Do not add water to the rice when cooking it

Mistakes in the Kitchen

When you put water on top of the rice to complete the cooking process, no matter what type of recipe you are preparing, you should not increase the water more than the required amount so that the rice grains do not stick together and the rice becomes overcooked and loses its flavor and appearance at the same time.

Each type of rice has a different method from the other when cooking and when adding the amount of water. Short rice does not need to increase the amount of water as it is equal to the amount of rice. Basmati rice or the type in which Gulf food is cooked needs more water by an extra cup.

And some types need an amount of water half a finger above the surface of the rice and so on….

Don't forget to stir the food while it's on fire

Mistakes in the Kitchen

Forgetting to stir the food especially while frying or cooking makes the food inconsistent and makes the meal either partially roasted or undercooked, and sometimes it may taste like burnt.

Use the oil before putting the cake in the oven

If you are interested in baking a cake or cake in the oven, you should grease the pan in which you are going to put the cake in before pouring the ingredients in.

It is best to do this using liquid frying oil in order to obtain a high temperature ability, and do not use butter because it will burn.

This is what we do so that the cake does not stick to the bowl and we can separate it completely when serving.

Cook vegetables

If you overcook or fry vegetables all the important vitamins will be destroyed as well as change their appearance and texture.

Add large amounts of sugar and salt

Mistakes in the Kitchen

The amount of sugar and salt in the food is exactly to increase the taste and flavor needed, so it is better to put some salt or sugar in the food, because when eating food and if the one who eats the food wants the food to be more salty or sweet, he can add it in reverse if there is an increase in the amount Salt or sugar in the recipe, after the end of the recipe, it is not possible to concentrate the taste in proportion to the taste.

Keep the oil content low

Mistakes in the Kitchen

It is true that when cooking, we must be careful not to overuse oil, but it is not good for the food to be drowning in oil or obesity, because fat is in addition to being the main source of energy for our body, but it becomes harmful because it absorbs many important and necessary vitamins for our bodies and causes many diseases. Such as high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, or digestive problems .

Check that the food is in the oven

Mistakes in the Kitchen

When you set the temperature inside the oven, set the time for each recipe, and put the food in the oven, you should not open or close the oven while the timer is still running, because this wastes heat inside the oven and the food may not be fully cooked in all its parts.

Observe the temperature of each of the recipes

It is extremely important while cooking that the ingredients and utensils used are approximately the same at room temperature unless otherwise indicated in the cooking instructions such as adding hot ingredients or ice to a recipe.

Heat and cold cause physical changes and chemical changes in food, for example when mixing food with hot water the food may become half cooked and this prevents the food from being fully cooked when the cooking time is over.

Do not increase the temperature of the oven than the required degree

Sometimes we use too much heat because we don't have enough time and we are in a hurry to finish cooking a recipe.

A gas oven has an indicator or warning that indicates the desired temperature. But if you want your food to be better then you should wait for 10 to 15 minutes after reaching the desired temperature and then put your food inside the oven.

It is true that the temperature inside the oven is correct, but the temperature is not balanced throughout the oven when the heat is turned on, so you have to wait for a longer period to reach the required temperature inside, especially since opening it and placing food in it will inevitably reduce the temperature inside.

This is especially important when trying to cook (biscuits and desserts) because the ingredients require a reduced baking time with a higher temperature.

It should be noted that if we increase the oven temperature beyond the limit required for the recipe, the possibility of burning increases, and the food will remain raw and not fully cooked.

Wait for the food to cool

One of the most common mistakes women make when preparing food is when taking the ingredients out of the oven and flipping the recipe, or trying to cut the pastry or pizza directly, which leads to cracking, or trying to remove the pastry from the tray directly before it cools down a bit, which leads to the crumbling of the dough.

Wait a while, then pour the recipe into a serving bowl, or take the pastry out of the pan and put it into a serving bowl.

The right time to cook the meat

Mistakes in the Kitchen

It is known that cooking meat takes longer than most foods, so it is better to take an accurate time to cook it well, whether you prepare it in the oven or on a medium-sized fire, because in each case it has a different time from the other.

And you must pay attention to the meat when it is cooked on medium heat and turn it over from time to time and on several sides of it in order to make sure that it is cooked correctly and so that it does not burn and until all parts of the meat are cooked.

Also, in the case of a large piece of meat or a whole chicken, when cooking, you need to monitor its cooking to make sure that the heat reaches all parts of the meat, especially in the middle, and not just from the outside.

Cleaning the roaster and grill

Mistakes in the Kitchen

It is better to clean these devices after use and not before use so that you can get rid of the suspended materials from food residues and fats that can dry out and are difficult to clean later, and these tools are cleanly ready for use in the next times.

Adding new ingredients to food when preparing

You must adhere to the ingredients that make up each food recipe because adding your own ingredients becomes inappropriate or inappropriate because adding these other ingredients can spoil the food.

Prepare the materials when using directly

If you are going to use chopped onions or garlic for dinner, for example, it is recommended that you prepare these ingredients an hour in advance and not in the morning or noon, because they spoil after a while and become unpleasant smelling.

Avoid overcooking the recipe

As the foods cook their flavor disappears and you will eventually have a mixture of ingredients.

In order to get a delicious meal and preserve the original taste of the ingredients, you must carefully consider the cooking time.

Also note that when you remove the pot of food from the heat, the food continues to boil for a specific period, so you must calculate it from the cooking time so as not to spoil the flavor.

Not being distracted when cooking

Mistakes in the Kitchen

Keep in mind that in order to get a good food recipe, you have to be careful in the kitchen and not distract yourself with matters other than cooking, because this will lead to you forgetting the required quantities, or lead to burning the recipe, or increasing certain amounts of ingredients, which causes spoilage of food.

So don't check emails, get busy on the phone, or other things especially if you don't want to risk your food spoiling.

Do not add spices to the water

If you have seen the work of professional chefs, you may have noticed that they always add some spices and flavors to food or water at the end of cooking.

Salt is added first, as it is the main flavor of most foods to make them taste good.

And remember, starchy foods absorb salt well when cooking, meaning that if it is added later in cooking it will taste much less salty.


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